News Sheet

WELCOME TO ALL - a VERY WARM WELCOME is extended to you and we do hope that you are still keeping well and continuing to keep safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.   As we try to come to terms with the second lockdown imposed on us recently we will continue to put our trust in the loving Lord Jesus Christ to comfort, guide and care for us during this time.  We are still exhibiting the picture depicting our ‘Candles of Hope’ in the Quiet Room Window and  our  latest caption on the window reads ‘Don’t worry – our Church is still active in the community and we will be back’ together with a picture of the Tree of Life made out of hands and a picture of a heart shape  made from hands.  It reminds us that nothing can separate us from the love of God as we can still praise God in whatever situation we are in – thank you Glenda for these wonderful words and pictures.







OUR ST ANDREW’S SERVICE TODAY is being led by our minister the Revd Terry Keen and we give him a very warm welcome into our homes and through the Newsletter and say a BIG ‘thank you’ to him for Zooming this service for us this week.


PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE - unlike the last few years, we won’t be signing cards at church for obvious reasons.  You can however download the ‘Connect and Encourage’ info from This gives names and addresses of people imprisoned for their faith and human rights work.  A card from the outside world really does encourage prisoners and also alerts the authorities to the fact that we know what is happening.  If you don’t have internet access I will photocopy some of the info for you. Cards need to be posted by the beginning of December. Sue Wright 07762483111


AN INTERESTING HOUR! - A Zoom discussion by a Methodist minister about her book about Methodist Women in the circle of John Wesley. It's organised by Epworth Old Rectory (John Wesley's childhood home, now a museum). It's on Zoom. To get the joining details email  It's at 2pm on Monday 30th November. 


A NUMBER OF THANK YOU’S – we have received a number of ‘THANK YOU’S’ which we would like to share with you -

  1. from Ann(H) who thanks everyone for their prayers, cards and good wishes following her recent fall.  She is now back home and progressing well…
  2. a MASSIVE thank you has been sent to all our ‘knitters’ from the St Augustine’s Centre.  When Tricia and Neil took all the knitted articles to the Centre, the folk at St Augustine’s where overwhelmed by the amount of beautifully knitted items they received from St Andrew’s, the words phenomenal and amazing were spoken many, many times…
  3. Many ‘thank you’s’ have been heard from people who have been contacted by St Andrew’s people during the last few months in very many ways…two simple words but with such HUGE meaning…so to one and all……….


THE 2020 ST ANDREW’S TOY AND GIFT SERVICEas with many things this year our Toy and Gift Service will be a little different this year as at this stage we are unsure if the Church will be able to open on Sunday 6th December which is our planned date for the Toy and Gift Service. This year the Drop in Centre at Ebenezer – The Gathering Place based at Ebenezer and the St Augustine’s Centre are joining together in the hope that they can make up 600 Family Gift Bags to be given to all the many families, homeless folk and asylum seekers who use all of the three Charities mentioned.  The gifts needed are good condition pre-loved or new toys and books for babies and children, gifts for teenagers, toiletry gifts for Mum and gifts for Dad, warm clothing, socks, etc and of course if you are unable to shop at the moment then monetary gifts will be very welcome which will enable the groups to buy things that are needed   A BIG thank you in anticipation of your usual generosity and love for other people in our town of Halifax.  How we will collect and deal with your gifts will be in the Newsletter next week – so please watch this space for more details…Cannot end this paragraph without those two very special words ‘THANK YOU’xx

CHRISTMAS 2020 AT ST ANDREW’S - for Christmas this year, we would like to help celebrate the birth of Christ by giving small gifts to those who would normally be rejoicing with us in our church groups.   We are proposing to make up a bag with small gifts, a knitted angel, perhaps something nice to eat, in them.    If you are a knitter, could you make an angel or two?  Margaret Caulfield has patterns.   If you are making jams, chutneys, pickles etc. could you please make some extra small jars for our Christmas parcels?  If you see something that you could donate – we would receive it gratefully.   All contributions gratefully received by Stella and Leah.


HOW YOU CAN HELP TO MAKE THE ABOVE HAPPEN - it would be wonderful, if in the run up to Christmas, when you are doing your weekly/monthly shop if you could buy a little gift – i.e. a bar of chocolate; a small pack of biscuits; a bar of soap or anything you feel would bring pleasure to the recipient of one of our ‘Christmas Bags’, we need to collect as much as we can by the first/second week in December to allow time for the gifts to be put into ‘isolation’ for 72 hours before the gifts are transferred into the bags and then to leave the filled bags for a further 72 hours before they can be delivered in time for the ‘Christmas Bags’ to be left a further 72 hours before they can be opened – work that one out if you can!!!  Life is very strange at the moment isn’t it?  Stella and Leah would be very pleased to receive cash donations towards buying some of the gifts if you are unable to get out to shop. Whichever of these ways is best for you.  Please help us to bring Christmas Blessings to those connected to the Church Family at St Andrew’s – Stella and Leah would like to thank all who have made contributions to date, a few things suitable for gentlemen would be very much appreciated please.


GREEN PARK BIBLE STUDY GROUP MEETINGS VIA ZOOM – will friends please note the next Zoom Bible Study meeting of this group will be held on Thursday December 17th when we will be looking at Christmas poems - Anyone who would like to join in please contact for Zoom details.


FACEMASKS – UPDATE -  £665.00 has now been raised from the sale of facemasks.  This has been donated to St Andrew's Development Fund.  With Gift Aid this increases to £798.00.  It all adds up!  Now production of Christmas themed facemasks has started, and if requested, these can include a wire that will bend snugly around your nose!  Orders to Margaret Barnes on Hx 345582. Thanks for your support!

NEW EBENEZER DROP – IN CENTRE - Donations for the Food Drop in at Ebenezer are now being requested again and it would be much appreciated if your donations can be dropped off at Ebenezer as we now have no way of collecting them at Church as previously hoped…Thank you.


FINANCE UPDATE – CDG Financial UpdateYou should all have the latest financial CDG financial update which shows the financial position at Methodist year end – 31/08/2020. The good news is if we include all our monies held, plus our successful grant applications, we are over a third of the way in our quest to raise £1 million, at £334,545.95.  We are, hopefully nearing a sale on the Abbey Walk house and the purchase of the strip of land moves ever closer. Therefore, we are still incurring fees relating to these transactions. The fact our fundraising activities have had to be postponed, shows on the spreadsheet, that we remain more reliant on donations. Many thanks to those who have contributed in many different ways (including the monthly contributions of the two people I’ve never met). Can we please ask, that you continue to donate whatever you can, whether that be time, money and / or prayer’.

Bank Account details

General Church Funds

St Andrews Methodist Church Finance A/c, Account no. 90773395 Sort Code 20-35-84

Church Development Account

St Andrews Methodist Church Business Premium A/c, Account no. 40512729 Sort Code 20-35-84

If you have any queries you can contact me on 07917 146320 or you…Gregg.



AS INDIVIDUALS we do hope that as many of us as possible are still continuing to light a candle and put it in our windows at 7.00 pm  on a Sunday Evening to show solidarity with our communities, and especially for us, care for all the people at the hospital. Even if the light cannot be seen by many or anyone else this small action will bring the St Andrew’s Church Family closer together at this time on a Sunday Evening.  Just a reminder that also on a Sunday evening at around 7.00 p.m. we have a ‘Lighting Candle Ceremony and Sunday Evening Liturgy read by Stella with Patricia in charge of the Video, taking place on the steps leading up to the Church entrance, which as you can imagine, can often be interrupted by the noisy transport travelling along Huddersfield Road at this time.  This has been called our ‘Light out into the Community’ event and we are very grateful to all concerned for doing this for us and also for everything that is being done during this time in the name of the St Andrew’s Methodist Church family.


CIRCUIT OFFICE - Please note that for the time being the Circuit Office IS CLOSED with Janet and Lynne both working from home and can be contacted on the following numbers: Janet – 07989 801365 on Monday to Wednesday -  Lynne – 07922 173789 on Wednesday to Friday.


THIS WEEK we join with other members of the Calderdale Circuit as collectively we pray for the church family at Cross Hills Methodist Church and for the ministry of the Revd Paul Welch and their Associate Pastor Mrs Janet Revill during the present Covid19 situation.



  • The Revd Terry Keen our Minister and Linda, his wife. Mrs Stella Christie our Pastoral Lay Worker and all those who are working hard to keep the Church at the forefront of people’s minds during this present time.
  • The Revd David Briggs as he prepares to lead our Worship next Sunday on the first Sunday of Advent 2020.
  • All of our many friends who have been staying indoors to self-isolate and now find themselves back in isolation once more and for all the ‘Good Samaritan’s’ who have helped and supported them during this Coronavirus Pandemic. 
  • Please continue to thank God for the on-going work being done behind the scenes by the Church Development Group in connection with the plans for our new Church building.   Continue to pray that our loving Lord Jesus will be at the heart of any decisions that are made and that he will continue to guide us in the right direction for the good of all our church families and friends.  In the mean-time please do continue to pray for each other and for our continued presence of St Andrew’s Methodist Church on Huddersfield Road.
  • Please pray for members of the St Andrew’s Church Family who need our prayers at this time, only the Lord may know the reason, and there are many reasons at the moment, we remember those who are not well, those who may be going into hospital or recovering at home after being in hospital and for those who are awaiting tests/test results and also for others who have family members or friends unwell at this time and for those who are mourning the loss of a beloved friend or family member. At this time we think particularly of Ann(H), Ann (M), Frank now back home, Velma & Rodney and also remembering all those known personally to each of us who need our prayers at this time.   Pray also for friends who are beginning to feel the strain of being in lockdown yet again after such a long period of time due to Covid19.   May the peace and love of God surround and support all our friends during this unusual time in all our lives.  Please do continually pray for the N.H.S. and all front-line people as well as people of the world who have lost loved ones due to Coronavirus,  some have been known to us but others not at all but during this time of isolation and as we know this has meant that many people have not been able to be comforted by anyone else at such a sad time in their lives and we do feel most desperately sorry for all the people who have been affected in this way.  Please pray that people will be sensible in their approach to the stepping up of the lockdown rules again and that we all try as hard as possible to contain this awful virus in the coming days. 


IMPORTANT -   If you have any Items for the News Sheet – please send by MONDAY of each week to Enid via email to or by phone (362654). Our Church website address is and the Circuit website is                   -  REMEMBER – KEEP PRAYING, KEEP SAFE AND KEEP