News Sheet

SUCCESSFUL AFTERNOON TEA! - Margaret Barnes sends a big thank you to everyone who supported this event, all who partook of the tea and all who helped to prepare the food and deliver it.  From supplying jampots, to jam, to lemon posset, sandwiches and cakes - and then delivering the boxes of food.  I couldn't have raised a magnificent £250 without your help. Add on Gift Aid and it's even better! – Gift Aid adds a lot of money to the pot!  - As a ‘partaker’ am sure I can say on behalf of all the other partakers a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Margaret, firstly for thinking of this lovely idea and then for doing lots of organising to make it happen – the tea was scrumptious and it was wonderful to have a meal made for you after all these weeks of making our own, and for some the chance to meet up with friends we had not seen for ages.  THANK YOU to all concerned the experience was great.

CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING – Notice is given of a Zoom Meeting of the Church Council which will be held on Wednesday 19th August starting at 7.00 p.m.  Further details will be given at a later date but if you are a Church Council member and can meet via Zoom please do book this date in your diary – Thank you. 

METHODIST PRAYER HANDBOOK – the new addition should be available at the end of August.  If you would like a copy please email Sue Wright (  The cost is usually around £3.50 depending on numbers.  Please let Sue know by August 21st 220.

GREEN PARK FELLOWSHIP GROUP has been meeting on Zoom for a few months.   It works well and they would welcome anyone else who would like to give it a try. The next meeting is on Thursday August 13th at 7.30pm  Please contact Sue Wright @ for Zoom details.

HOME PRODUCE - Mary Barmby and Sue Wright have been busy making jam etc.  BUT PLEASE NOTE THEY HAVE SOLD OUT OF MARMALADE AND STRAWBERRY JAM – BUT - can still offer raspberry jam, red currant jelly, lemon curd and beetroot chutney. Please ring Sue (354736) or email to arrange collection or delivery.


ST AUGUSTINE’S CENTRE -  Please keep on knitting for St Augustine’s in preparation for the cold Winter months, they need, Cardigans, jumpers, gloves, mittens, scarves and hats., but anything you can make for them would be welcomed.   If you want to knit squares to make a blanket, they have a couple of ladies who are willing to sew them all together.  I do hope that you will continue to support the centre and I thank you all for all the things you have already made and are making.  Please continue to keep any spare wool you have, it can always be used.  Stay safe, Thank you.  Tricia.  (Hx. 351324).

A MESSAGE FROM THORNLEIGH GRANGE OVER SANDS – We are hoping to open again in September 2020. If you would like a short break please give us ring.  Some of our theme’s will be taking place but in a different form.  More details from Glenda.

FINANCE UPDATE -  Firstly a big thankyou to the many of you who have contributed to the general funds during lockdown. We seem to have found every way possible to ensure your money gets into the account, from banking cash and cheques to internet and telephone banking. Unfortunately this has not been without issues, and I know some of you have struggled to transfer money.  I believe this is partly down to increased security by the banks, who are trying to ensure the recipient (i.e. the church bank account) matches the details you give.  Despite spending 30 minutes at our branch, there doesn’t appear to be a simple solution.

The details below are the full account titles, but some banks only require the recipient name – St Andrews Methodist Church – not the full account name. Please do not let this deter you if you are trying to transfer money, but be aware there might be a bit of trial and error involved. As stated above, we are happy to accept cash and cheques, and between a few volunteers we will get this banked.

We have a little income from the preschool rent, and I have transferred some money from the reserve account to ensure our main account is topped up. This is paying the few bills we are still receiving but the next big bill is likely to be the near £11,000 assessment due in August.

If you would like to contribute but cannot transfer money, please contact me either by email or by telephone 07917 146320.

Bank Account details

General Church Funds

St Andrews Methodist Church Finance A/c, Account no. 90773395 Sort Code 20-35-84

Church Development Account

St Andrews Methodist Church Business Premium A/c, Account no. 40512729 Sort Code 20-35-84

GIFT AID SECRETARY – it is with thanks that we tell you that we have a successor to Ian for the position of Gift Aid Secretary and the appointment will go before our next Church Council for clarification.                                    

1)         FACEMASKS - NOW COMPULSORY IN SHOPS – HAVE YOU GOT YOURS??    the production and sale of beautiful facemasks continues to go well!  They're just a fiver each.  All this is going to Church Development Fund.  Orders to Margaret Barnes on Hx 345582.   Thanks to everyone who has bought one or more so far!!  The amount raised at present has gone up to over £500 plus the very important Gift Aid –   So we are doing well - with your help.    If anyone has any friends or neighbours who'd like to buy a facemask we can supply and deliver.



2)         WOODEN GARDEN PLANTERS – Peter (B) is still constructing wooden garden planters with all donations going to the Church Development Fund towards the cost of the construction of our church building, he would love to hear from you if you would like one (or two) making.  All he needs to know is the size you would like him to make.  (Can assure you that they look really good when finished!).  Orders via Hazel please 07799663106.


AS INDIVIDUALS we do hope that as many of us as possible are still continuing to light a candle and put it in our windows at 9.00 pm on a Sunday Evening to show solidarity with our communities, and especially for us, care for all the people at the hospital. Even if the light cannot be seen by many or anyone else this small action will bring the St Andrew’s Church Family closer together at this time on a Sunday Evening.


CIRCUIT OFFICE - Please note that for the time being the Circuit Office IS NOW CLOSED with Janet and Lynne both working from home and can be contacted on the following numbers: Janet – 07989 801365 on Monday to Wednesday -  Lynne – 07922 173789 on Wednesday to Friday.


THIS WEEK we join with other members of the Calderdale Circuit as collectively we pray for the Church Family at Boothtown and Southowram Methodist Church and for the ministry of Mrs Paula Prosser their Pastor, giving thanks for all the things happening with their Church Family and in the Community during this time of lockdown.  Pray also about the uncertainty that all our Methodist Churches are facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.  May we all put our trust in the Living Lord Jesus to see us through and to give us answers of how to deal with these difficult times within the Calderdale Circuit.




  • The Revd Terry Keen our Minister and Linda, his wife. Mrs Stella Christie our Pastoral Lay Worker and all those who are working hard to keep the Church alive and the St Andrew’s Church family together during this present time.
  • All who for the past four going on five months have been staying indoors to self-isolate and for all the ‘Good Samaritan’s’ as they have tried to ease the pressure for these very same folk who have been isolated during this Coronavirus Pandemic.  Thank God for the easing of restrictions but pray that all will be sensible and stay safe.
  • Please continue to thank God for the on-going work being done behind the scenes by the Church Development Group in connection with the plans for our new Church building.  As previously noted the news regarding grants from the Connexion and other Grant making bodies is causing us to take a step back, pray fervently for the Lord’s guidance on where to go from here, some BIG decisions need to be made and we all have our part to play in making them.  Please when praying do ponder on the difficulties we are facing regarding opening of our Methodist Churches please also pray that the right decisions will be made and that no lives are endangered through our eagerness to try and get back to normality.  Continue to pray that our loving Lord Jesus will be at the heart of any decisions that are made and that he will continue to guide us in the right direction for the good of all our church families and friends.  In the mean-time please do continue to pray for each other and for our continued presence of St Andrew’s Methodist Church on Huddersfield Road.
  • Please thank God that a new Gift Aid Secretary has come forward for this important role in our Church life.
  • Please pray for members of the St Andrew’s Church Family who need our prayers at this time, only the Lord may know the reason, we remember those who are not well, those who may be going into hospital or recovering at home after being in hospital and for those who are awaiting tests/test results and also for others who have family members or friends unwell at this time and for those who are mourning the loss of a beloved friend or family member and for friends who are beginning to feel the strain of being in lockdown for such a long period of time due to the virus   May the peace and love of God surround and support all our friends during this unusual time in all our lives.
  • Please do continually pray for the N.H.S. and all front-line people as well as people of the world who have lost loved ones due to Coronavirus, some have been known to us but others not at all but during this time of isolation and as we know this has meant that many people have not been able to be comforted by anyone else at such a sad time in their lives and we do feel most desperately sorry for all the people who have been affected in this way.  Please pray that people will be sensible in their approach to the easing of the lockdown rules and that we all try as hard as possible to contain this awful virus in the coming days.




IMPORTANT -   If you have any Items for the News Sheet – please send by MONDAY of each week to Enid via email to or by phone (362654). Our Church website address is 








ST ANDREW’S NEWSLETTER  -  recently we were told that it will possibly  be a few more weeks or even months before things regarding Church Services will begin again due to the COVID-19 virus but as a Church Family we will still continue to do all within our power to help friends in any way we can – see below for the plans already in place which will continue:

•     The Prayer Vine as it is, is continuing as normal, and may be very widely used.  Just let Stella know who you want put onto it.

•     Glenda, Leah and Stella are acting as co-ordinators of what needs to be done, so please get in touch with one of them about anything that is needed.

•     Pastoral Visitors are checking on ‘their’ folk each week by phone and offering help.  Requests for help will then be forwarded to a team of volunteers that we have.  Glenda, Leah and Stella are keeping that list.   They are also hoping that we can fulfil any requests that are made to them (shopping, collection of items etc). 

•     The church notices are being used as a means of communication to all, and we have a team of volunteers to put them through the letter boxes of those who do not receive the electronic version.  WE ARE POSTING COPIES TO THOSE WHO LIVE FURTHER AWAY FROM CHURCH.  Take Care and do try to keep the required distance away from anyone you may meet whilst outside.




‘St Andrew's are still alive but just not in our building’ has been our slogan for the last few weeks the next slogan is ‘Still Alive but not here in’.


 This is how our groups are staying connected at the moment.

Sunday morning worship on Zoom at 10am or through the weekly news sheet sent via email or post.

       Sign into Zoom using the following numbers - Meeting ID: 980 132 4839  - Password: 583443

Candles of Hope at 9pm each Sunday evening in our homes, and outside the church by our lay worker, Stella who also shares a Sunday Evening Liturgy and prayer with those passing the church building either on foot or in cars.

During the week zoom fellowship on WhatsApp Coffee & Chat Meetings 11.00 a.m. Tuesday – Friday. 

There are 2 WhatsApp groups - one is called Worship and Notices (that's where you get information about Sunday morning services via Zoom (and where you get two lovely hymns played by David Whiteley every day around 5.00 p.m.) and one is called Fellowship (that's the chat one!). You can join just one or both.

If you want to join send your mobile phone number to David Grundy on 07503047797 or Margaret Barnes 07591160084 by text or by email and we'll try to get you set up soon!

St Andrew's Parent and toddlers are sharing weekly crafts on Facebook.

Messy Church St Andrews are sharing colouring and craft activities.

Our Scouts are holding WhatsApp meetings every Thursday, Cubs and Beavers also welcome.

Little Monkeys at St Andrews have returned on a smaller scale until the summer.

Letters and phone calls are going out to Monday Kitchen guests and volunteers.

Our Tuesday Knit & Natter Group are sharing via Facebook Messenger and via phone.

Pastoral visitor’s and friends are ringing members and friends to keep them in touch.

  • We also have access to St Andrew’s Website -


  • St Andrew’s Facebook – See the link over the page to some instructions of how to join facebook:

Once there you can find the “St Andrews Halifax”. If there is more than one, click the photo of our church and then click on the thumb picture to like us.  After this St Andrew’s news will appear on your facebook newsfeed. 

  • We are also on twitter where it is a little easier to follow people/places passively.

Top tip: anything you comment directly onto facebook and twitter can be seen by others even if they don’t also follow the same page…Jane.


AS INDIVIDUALS we do hope that as many of us as possible are continuing to light a candle and put it in our windows at 9.00 pm on a Sunday Evening to show solidarity with our communities, and especially for us, care for all the people at the hospital. Even if the light cannot be seen by many or anyone else this small action will bring the St Andrew’s Church Family closer together at this time on a Sunday Evening.


Also on Sunday Evenings at 9.00 p.m.  Stella is going to Church to light a Candle outside the front entrance doors and say a Sunday Evening Liturgy – this has become ‘Our weekly light out into the Community’.  You will remember or may have seen that, we along with others, have turned BLUE to celebrate the NHS and even though the Clap for Carers has now drawn to a close we still continue to thank the Lord for all NHS and other front-line workers who are still working so hard to look after us all.  It is very important that we continue to let others know that the Church at St Andrew’s is still very much alive and taking part in all that is around us during these rather stressful times.  Our slogan on the Church door this week reads ‘Still Alive but not here in’ and this is a very important statement to make to the world around us as the present time.


ALSO AT THIS TIME EACH ONE OF US has to be mindful of ourselves, our neighbours and our community, but that starts with being mindful of God.  God’s love desperately needs to be seen and it is up to us to demonstrate it.

ZOOM BIBLE STUDY GROUP MEETING – During a recent daily zoom coffee and chat meeting Terry asked if people would like to do a weekly afternoon Bible Study.  The notes would be sent out with the newsletter and a discussion held on the afternoon of the meeting.   If you are interested in getting notes with the newsletter please let either Terry or Enid know – Thank you.


ACCESS TO A TELEPHONE MESSAGE FROM THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY – just a reminder that if you do not have access to the Internet but have access to a telephone here is a free phone number 0800 804 8044 which puts you through to a twenty minute programme which includes a short message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, chance to join in with the singing of a hymn, find out a little about the hymn writer and then listen to the hymn again.  This programme lasts for approximately 20 minutes and can be accessed any time throughout the day – give it a try, our friend Ruth Needham is really enjoying being able to share in these phone call sing-a-longs.


SADLY WE HAVE TO CONTINUE TO REMIND YOU THAT DURING THESE DIFFICULT AND UNCERTAIN TIMES all the causes dear to our hearts are struggling with cash flow, as are the many UK and World-wide Charities including the ones the St Andrew’s Church Family are supporting at this time – they are our own



CHURCH FINANCES – Gregg writes ‘During these uncertain times, it feels like certain aspects of life have been put on hold. Unfortunately, finance isn’t one of them.  Utilities, insurances, assessments and other bills still need to be paid, and of course we are trying to raise money for the new building project. As the building is closed we are not receiving any lettings income, there are no collections during the service and much-needed fundraising events are having to be postponed. With this in mind, can I thank all of you who are giving directly to the church bank accounts, and encourage those of you who feel able, to use this method to contribute to the church.  If you use telephone or online banking please find details of the main accounts below.  If you would like to contribute but cannot use these methods, please contact me either by email or by telephone 07917 146320.’

Bank Account details

General Church Funds

St Andrews Methodist Church Finance A/c, Account no. 90773395 Sort Code 20-35-84

Church Development Account

St Andrews Methodist Church Business Premium A/c, Account no. 40512729 Sort Code 20-35-84…GREGG WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY RESPONDED TO THE ABOVE.


HERE IS AN UPTO DATE MESSAGE FROM THE EBENEZER DROP IN CENTRE  - Firstly, thank you for your wonderful support to our charity!  At the moment, we are feeling the impact of COVID-19 at The Gathering Place. We have always been there for the most vulnerable but now, more people suddenly fall into that category and need our help. In May, we averaged handing out 151 individual food parcels and 73 family food parcels.  We have continued our Shelter, so we can house and support the homeless during this uncertain and testing time. As you can all imagine, it is very busy and we need support.  Food Parcels Donations:  The things we are particularly short of are; •Tinned - hot dogs - corned beef - meat in gravy - ham - chilli - ravioli - curry - macaroni cheese - beans & sausages – spaghetti - tomatoes – puddings - pies - Packets - pasta & sauce - mugshots - super noodles - microwave rice - microwave pasta - instant mashed potato - jars of pasta sauce -  Food donations are taken on two days during the week : Thursdays and Fridays 10-11am.  At: New Ebenezer Church, St James Road, Halifax HX1 1YS.  (There is clear drop off points and social distancing rules apply)

Amazon Donations : If you would like to order via Amazon to deliver straight to us, please see our wish list (Anything from the list above, would be great for you to send us too!) :

Monetary Donations :The simplest and quickest way to give to our church, this means we can do the shopping for you and put it towards our food shopping and costs.  Simply click on the link below and you'll be walked through the process. It's easy on all devices. You can give a one time gift or set up regular monthly giving here:  We hope you are all staying safe and well. We find it is impossible to thank every person, church, school, company, organisation, community group, etc. personally please be assured of our earnest gratitude to everyone for the tremendous support we constantly receive.  Wishing you health, kindness and happiness.  Kind regards  Becky Maslen  The Gathering Place  Email: 

ST AUGUSTINE’S CENTRE – as we can no longer collect goods to take to St Augustine’s people may wish to continue to support them in their work by making cash donations.  It is possible to make these through their website – just search for ‘St Augustine’s Halifax) – Thank you!   - PLEASE KEEP ALL THESE CONCERNS IN YOUR HEARTS AND PRAYERS –

CIRCUIT OFFICE - Please note that for the time being the Circuit Office IS NOW CLOSED with Janet and Lynne both working from home and can be contacted on the following numbers: Janet – 07989 801365 on Monday to Wednesday -  Lynne – 07922 173789 on Wednesday to Friday.