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    Our Mission

    St Andrew’s Methodist Church seeks to share the love of God as revealed by Christ, through the Holy Spirit.
    Our Purpose

    We are a witnessing community of Christians seeking to share our faith. By our worship and work we proclaim the love of Jesus to all people.                                                        




    Sunday 15th Dec. 

    10.30 am  Young Peoples' Nativity Service

    6.00 pm. Holy Communion led by Rev.Terry Keen

    Sunday 22nd Dec.

    10.30 am Christmas Carol Service led by Rev.Terry Keen

    6.00pm Christmas Praise Service led by the Praise Group

    A warm welcome is extended to all





    St Andrew’s Autumn Quiz Answers                                                                                                                                                    

         Will you Dance?

                    compiled by Avril Corbett

    1. I It takes two (5)   ____________                           Tango
    2.  A lass is confused  (5)  ________                          Salsa
    3.  A happy chappy – or more (3,7)__________        Gay Gordons
    4.  Two musical instruments (8)   ____________       Hornpipe
    5.  Feeling below par when playing golf (6)      _       Birdie
    6.  Spellbound, Titania fell for this dark actor (5,6)    Black Bottom
    7.  Definitely not a bird or a plane! (8)    __________Superman
    8.  Little Samuel gets a degree (5)    ______________Samba
    9.  Move fast for this dance (5,4)     ______________Quick Step
    10.  Can be found in the North and the South (4)  ____Pole
    11.  Canine dance? (2,7’1,5)     _______________       St Bernard’s Waltz
    12.  Christmas bird moves swiftly (6,4)   ___________Turkey Trot
    13.  Initially, judo is very easy (4)    _______________Jive
    14.  The chef is a star (5,4)  _­____________________Bossa Nova
    15.  The flame n courage is found here (8)    ________Flamenco
    16.  Weapon could be a fish (5)       _______________Sword
    17.  Repeatedly, a metal container (3,3)      _________Can can
    18.  Reynard moves quickly          (3,4)      _________Fox trot
    19.  O! I’m not cool, unusually, said Little Eva ______Locomotion
    20.  Elizabethan gave tot a turn (7)    ______________ Gavotte
    21.  African river loses a vowel (5)                    _____Conga
    22.  One for the kitchen or bathroom? (3) ___________Tap
    23.  Are we in or out? I’m left, right shook up (5,5)       Hokey cokey
    24.  Footwear worn in earlier times (4)     ___________Clog
    25.  Endlessly nervous, beetle jumps about (6,3)______Jitter bug
    26.  At Interpol, Kafka danced for joy (5) ___________Polka
    27.  Take tea in the capital of Malta and dance slowly (6)Valeta       
    28.  Dance from the Emerald Isle (5,3)     ____________Irish jig
    29.  On the fulcrum, bather swayed seductively (5)         Rumba

    30.  Finally, a smooch with Engelbert? (4,5)      ______Last waltz


    The quiz was won by Sheila Simpson. Congratulations!!













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    St Andrew's is on Huddersfield Road, Halifax, at its junction with Dryclough Lane. Many of you will know this junction because Calderdale Royal Hospital is there. Our church is diagonally across the junction from the hospital.

    Our postal address is Stafford Square, post code HX3 0AT.

    To contact us please use the 'Contact us' page.





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